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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Break it Down

There seems so much to do to prepare to go, however I feel paralyzed to do much of anything. I am a list maker, an organizer, I used to work as a program manager and short of entering the tasks into MS Project - I am a little lost.

But I feel that I must divide and conquer, so:

I have broken down the tasks into three major areas (okay actually five, but you'll see)

  • Stuff - figure out what goes, what gets sold (garage sale, craigs list, ebay), what gets donated and what gets junked. Figure out and do those things (pack, hire container, prepare and hold garage sale, figure out how to get rid of leftovers). I have done some work on this already. I have been culling through everything and reducing by half, but I am quite a pack rat and the job still looms very large.

  • Documentation/Accounts/Paperwork - This is a terribly boring but essential category. I am trying to assign as much as possible to my significant other. This includes getting all paperwork complete for our residency package, closing accounts (electric, water, cell phones, etc.), banking consolidation and preparation (i.e. getting it on the internet, etc.), minimize mail junk, forward mail, set up mail for CR, skype stuff, and bundling kids stuff (i.e. immunization, school stuff, etc). Yuk.

  • The Going - buy tickets, set up short term rental (i.e. 1 month), Hotel here for the end, figure out the car situation, know what we have to do when we get there.

  • Appointments - finish up dentist, eye doctor and get my hair done (haven't had it done since the baby was born - been doing the ponytail.)

  • Shopping - this is the fun one. We are going to get a new tv (the 18 year-old cable guy informed us we could get HDTV and the laughed when we declined and showed him ours. It is about 12 years old, but really, how HD do you need Barney?) Anyway, this is a luxury that we have been promising ourselves when we finally get a house, but now seems smart to buy before moving to CR as it seems to cost double there. King size mattress (yea), nice new linens and a stockpile of Target tee-shirts for me.

I know that I am being naive, but that seems like everything, right?


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