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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Breaking the news

So the news is out. I told my parents and they did flip. I think that they are still flipping.

The funny thing is that in an earlier conversation, they were re-hashing my thoughts of 7-10 years ago, when I told them I didn't think that I would want to raise kids in California, but here we were. They also didn't think that my husband would ever concede to move away from his family. They were going through all this because they not so secretly wish we were back on the east coast.

I can't say that I blame them. It is hard to be the kind of grandparents that they want to be when they only see the kids about twice a year for an intense, 24-hour/day for 1o -14 days. They wish we lived within an hour drive so they could pamper one kid at a time for an overnight visit and then return to us. It is also hard that it takes my kids about 5-7 days to re-warm up to them. I wish we could have that too, but we don't want to live in upstate NY - too cold, too limited, t0o not diverse. Maybe if one of my two younger brothers would get married and have some kids (they both live in different parts of NY), it would take some pressure off of me.

So it was kind of funny to later tell them that we weren't going to continue raising the kids in California and that Bars was going to move away from his family. That we were going to move to Costa Rica.

They didn't find it so funny.

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Josh said...

Not it! it is on Mike.