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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Broken toe to Disney and breaking the news

So the kids and I are off tomorrow to Florida to meet up with Poppy and Toots. After a few days at their place, we are off to Disney World. That should be fun, except Bells did a cartwheel this morning and managed to break her big toe. After spending all day at the doctors (also, we figured out that Gussy has a sinus infection which equals antibiotics).

This is a bit of a nerve wracking trip, for the following reasons:

  • Traveling alone with three kids, at least it is a direct flight SFO to Orlando.
  • A broken toe in Disney World
  • At the end of this trip, I will be breaking the Moving to Costa Rica News to my parents.
I figure that they will flip out. They have never been out of the country. So we will focus on the closer to Florida benefit. But I am a little nervous, about all of those things.

Wish me luck.

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