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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Disney and the Signs

So we have spent a wonderful ten days with Poppi and Toots. We had a great time at Disney World and I broke the news to them. That was probably the least fun thing and I will deal with that in a separate post.

But, I just needed to say that the signs are everywhere that we are making a good choice. While at Disney-MGM, we stopped and got a caricature done of Bella and Sera. While waiting there we chatted with another family (father, mother 10-12 year old girl). The girl was an artist and interested in watching the guy draw. As we were chatting we discussed names of our kids, he wondered about the Mediterranean theme, I explained my husband was Filipino and I was matching the last name (and I liked the names). He asked if we had been to Philippines, I said not yet, he said it was lovely.

Later in talking with his daughter about her art, she mentioned that she had won some contests. The best contest was actually a coloring contest and she won a trip to ...... Costa Rica. The father said it was the best trip they ever had (and from above you can see that he seems well traveled). We compared notes, he had loved Monte Verde and was surprised we had gone up there.

So I take this as a sign. Costa Rica is everywhere. I think it means we are doing the right thing. At least I hope so.

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