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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Order of Attack

Okay, here is what is really stressing me out. I can't figure out the end. The right order to do things so as to:

  • minimize cost
  • minimize inconvenience to us
  • minimize upsetting the kids

Here are the tasks that I can't put in order:

  • Last day in current rental house
  • Stay last night in hotel by airport for early morning departure
  • Finish packing into garage
  • Get container at our house
  • Close container and have it picked up (or truck our stuff to someplace to share a container)
  • Figure out if we need a whole small container or can share
  • Garage sale (one or two) - final one to sell off most of furniture
  • Final dump run
  • Clean rental, give back keys, vacate, hope to get back security deposit
  • Stay somewhere?

I don't want the cost of living in a hotel for very long, nor do I want to sleep on the floor at my mother-in-laws. It would be hard to live here for long without some stuff.

Right now I am thinking if we keep the following: queen mattress to be thrown away, refrigerator, microwave, tv to be gotten rid of and some clothes, shampoo, toys - we could get by at the rental for a little while. But all this is still swimming in my head....

Any suggestions out there?

This doesn't seem to bother my husband. I finally put the list on paper and said, put numbers by these tasks and I think he finally got it. Anyway, we'll figure it out.

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