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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So Now What?

Okay - so now what? I have gone through the who (our family), what (relocate for at least a little while), where (Costa Rica), and why.

Now we are on to the when and the how. We are targeting end of June, beginning of July because the school we picked out for Bells starts around July 24.

Now for the how. That is what I will be dealing with mostly in the continuation of this blog. How in the world are we going to do this? What stuff should we bring? How do we get it there? What about bills and mail and all that other stuff? Also, all my fears I will write down so that later I can laugh or say, "See, I told you so..."

That is what I will be doing at least until we get there and then it will probably be the how are we living and are we glad we did it? That will unravel as we continue.

For now, we are back from Florida. Had a great time, but now must really buckle down and start to prepare. I am going to try for a garage sale this weekend to at least clear out that one corner of the garage where I have been stockpiling....

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