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Sunday, May 27, 2007

What to Bring?

We need to figure out how much stuff we are bringing and what things we want to go buy here so that we don't have to find there. Here's the list so far:

Microwave (new - we have been surviving with a friends toss out from college)
Other kitchen implements (rice cooker, blender, veg steamer, quisinart, kitchen aid mixer, slow cooker, salad shooter, thermometer, single serve coffee maker, bean grinder, toaster, electric griddle)
China, glasses, silverware (wedding presents)
My favorite 3 calphalon pans, 2 dutch oven pots, grill pan, small calphalon pot, strainer (never saw good ones there), cutting boards, lobster pot, 3 cookie sheets, a few square pans, knifes, some storage containers, kids plates

My spices (can I do that?)
Medicines like tums, aspirin, ibuprofen/tylenol on advice from

All are hanging wall art
Photos and photo albums
Digitalized my 350 cds, down to 2 backup dvds!
Also digitalized 2 old boxes of audio tapes!
Working on way to get rid of videos (to dvds)
Many boxes of books

Washer and dryer

Vacuum Cleaner


Lots of kids toys

Old files that we need to keep

Our clothes, including clothes for little one to grow into (i.e. hand me downs)
Hair implements (dryer, curlers, irons, barrettes, bands, etc)
Small amount of mostly costume jewelry

Electronics - computers, printers, stereo, hopefully new (to us) smaller speakers), tv, dvd player, video, one cd player, mp3 speakers

Cords, Extension, computer, etc.

Tools - electric drill, saws (circular and reciprocating), etc. and hammers, etc)

Gardening stuff (rake, broom, weed wacker, edger, clippers - this category is iffy).

My old skis (what else you gonna do?)

Some sports equipment (balls, weights)

Linens (sheets, comforters, mattress pads, towels, small amount of table clothes, place mats, etc)

One nice armchair and ottoman

King mattress, Queen mattress

Baby crib

Christmas decorations

Baby gates

A few boxes of .....what?

Undecided about:
A lawnmower (new)
One dresser
One buffet
One antique armoir
2 garage sale chairs we bought to refinish
Desk chair

I am sure that I am forgetting lots of stuff and as I pack I will find large caches of stuff we "just can't live without" I will try to fight that urge for the sake of not starting with too much stuff....

Am I missing some stuff? What is too much? Any suggestions would be welcomed

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