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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Why Costa Rica?

Okay - now the big question - why Costa Rica?

This is a little harder to explain, but I will try.

We thought about other US places we could go with the following constraints:

  • Had to be warm (Boston area is nice but too cold for my Pinoy Boy).
  • Had to have good schooling (public) or affordable good private school
  • Had to have more reasonable housing.
  • Had to be a good place to start a business.
  • Had to be reasonable to get to Albany, NY via airplane (i.e. not longer than from San Jose/San Fran where we are now).

With this in mind we came up with some options and for various reasons shot each one done.

  • San Diego, still too expensive.
  • North Carolina, friends who have gone say boring and outside of the Chapel Hill Area, Bars worries about being different.
  • Florida, bad schools and high crime.

So we thought about going out of the U.S. We still had the same set of criteria. And somehow, somebody thought of Costa Rica. On paper it looks great.

  • Definitely warm, however not too warm if we stay in the central valley and chose our elevation carefully.
  • The place states a 93% literacy rate. That’s pretty impressive.
  • Cost of living is reasonable.
  • The crime is mostly theft, etc. Not too much violent crime it seems.
  • There are some really good, affordable private schools.
  • It seems like starting a business from there is not too difficult. Find a niche. Work hard. Do good. Hopefully be successful.
  • There is NO Costa Rican Army. Pretty peaceful place.
  • The culture seems similiar to the Filipino culture, so Bars has a bit of a leg-up there. I refer to the don’t say something someone might not like to hear, even if it means bending the truth a little. And the take it easy, live in the moment, right now could mean never attitude.
  • And it is the same trip to upstate NY (around 12 hours door to door).
  • AND (double bonus), it is a 3.5 hour direct trip to Miami and a 2 hour drive to Poppie and Toots (that’s my parents - will introduce them in a later post) winter/retirement place in Florida.

On the negative/well at least think about it side:

  • We don’t speak that much Spanish……..YET.
  • We will have to leave friends and family.
  • It is a big change.

With this all in mind, we decided to take a vacation there last November. More on that NEXT TIME.

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