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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Why Leave?

Okay now to answer another question - why leave? The simplest answer is, because it seems like a good idea.

Here’s more detail, in no particular order:

1) Raising kids
As mentioned before, I am from a small town, where people know each other and know each others kids. Not the case in the Bay Area. I always said I didn’t want to raise kids in California. It seems that things here are too easy (nice weather, everything organized, everybody smart and rich - or at least looking that way). I grew up in upstate New York, where we walked to the bus stop in the very cold. So cold that sometimes your nose boogers froze. It made you a little tough. The good kind of tough. The I can take it if it’s not exactly how I want it tough. It seems like the kids here are the bad kind of tough. The I’ve seen it all, I bully and I’ve been bullied, and I know about sex and drugs and rock n roll at too early an age, and divorce and ….. well it’s just too early.

Also, the legal aspect of living in CA is getting to me. State just required new sign in procedures at the daycares. I now have to write down, every day for every kid the following information: who I am, who will be picking up the kid, what my emergency phone number is, what time it is that I am dropping off and sign. All good information, but not likely to change every day.
And it just feels scary here. I am definitely a type-A, however the amount of keep your eyes on them is just too much.

2) Lifestyle/pace
Everyone is living soooo fast. Everything is so organized (sports for kids, etc.) and everyone lives for the stuff and hence in big debt. We’ll get into that lifestyle choice another time.

3) Cost of living
Kids are expensive! We live pretty frugal for the bay area. We don’t have fancy cars, multiple houses, boats, rvs, or other toys, too much electronics, etc. But we aren’t really making it. When we pay all the monthlies (rent, utilities, services, school, gas, and groceries) - we are tipping the scales. If I went back to work, we would be bringing in more income, but daycare would take it all away. And if we want to buy a house - that would take about $1M here. Way too scary.

4) I have no family here and Bars family is 45 minutes away. But I think that they would visit. I hope that they would visit.

So it seems our best idea is to skedaddle. That’s the plan Stanislaus.

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