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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lady needs a vowel

I know that I am going crazy. Three kids will do that to you, however this move is accelerating it. I spoke with a Peruvian lady this weekend and found out that technically I should have called myself jenpocoloca (because I am a feminine article). Oh well, pocoloco sounds more fun. Kind of reminds me of the train bearing down on us (July 7!!!).

So I am keeping it jenpocoloco and I just hope that my Spanish will improve quickly after we get to Costa Rica. Or I will hope that people there will be forgiving of a Gringa who knows a lot of words, just not the right tenses of verbs or the gender of nouns or adjectives. Do I get credit for trying?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In Costa Rica, you definitely get credit for trying (as I'm guessing you've found out by now)... the ticos are known for being very kind and forgiving about language slip-ups. As long as you try, they will be patient and helpful. Well, at least that's the general rule!