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Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Shopping Frustrations and Sucess

You would think I was starting a bridal registry. I have surely gone small appliance CRAZY. I started out with a small and simple list.

  1. Replace hand-me-down apartment sized microwave we have gratefully been using for the past 14 months.

  2. Get a family sized food processor to replace mini-cusinart (besides being too small, the plastic around the blade has cracked and I am sure it is a safe-haven for all sorts of little nasties).

  3. A Shark or similar plug in sweeper/vacuum. I have a great and heavy Dyson. I want something lightweight, easy, inexpensive for quick jobs like under the dinner table so that our crawler doesn't snack on the the crumbs of the last meal. Had a shark for several years, finally wouldn't hold a charge and had to go.

But I start reading, and then I get IDEAS. Ideas about gadgets I have never had but will certainly use mucho tiempo in our new lives. Of course I am still a frugal chick so some research is required. I spent all yesterday on amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco and of course epinions. Now I want the following:

  1. Food Processor

  2. Microwave

  3. Shark

  4. Popcorn popper

  5. Juicer

  6. Karaoke machine (okay, now I might be getting carried away)

So after spending all day yesterday debating: Cuisinart or Kitchen Aid for the food processor? Does it have extra attachments? Can I grind ice? Julienne? Good reviews? Cheapest way? Fastest way? I determine that for $159 at Costco I can get a Cuisinart 11 cup processor. I can get extra blades at Amazon to do Julienne and ice shaving (~$99 if I remember). Also, there is a good popcorn popper there ($29). The best juicer deal seems to be at Bed Bath and Beyond. I am planning on a Breville for $159.

I know that I have to order from Costco a topper for the king bed we got. (Update on that - loving the size. We don't even notice the extra kids that sneak in in the middle of the night, but it is still too firm - but for $1K for the bed + ~$200 for a topper will get the same feel as a $3k mattress - my husband is getting all hot just reading this - this cheap streak may just be the real reason he married me. Oh and I got sheets and a quilt at Ross for about ~$30/set - 4 sheet sets, one to sew into a duvet cover, one quilt set plus a mattress pad = $180, instead of $80/set at all the name stores.) But they may have the food processor and the Shark at the store. So a visit is in order.

Juicer, there is one on Craig's list in San Fran for $58 - I call, we talk about a visit.

I head off shopping:

Cosco - nothing. No topper, no shark, no food processor. But a karaoke microphone and a weird but good guy singing to "advertise" it. I resist. Onward.

Walmart - need new big boy pants for Mr. G - he is almost there and nothing motivates a 2 year old boy like Spidey can. And socks. And sandals for the baby, almost walking. And aluminum foil, laundry detergent and a quick stroll down the kitchen appliance aisle. Ah..... a Hamilton Beach 14 cup food processor. No dough hook, but $59. A Hamilton Beach juicer $49. Don't remember seeing this on Epinions. Pick them up and check the reviews later, just to maker sure not awful.

Target - Popcorn popper - same as on Amazon (okay I'll pay tax but it is done!) and still no Shark. Try a Bissell stick vacuum wet/dry thing ($35). Again, plan to read Epinions at home. King down comforter $79.

Go home and order topper from Costco online.

DONE! mostly.

Reviews on Hamilton Beach are good. Bissel not so much.

By my recollection - I saved my husband ~$1200. He will laugh when he reads this in the morning because I spent, um, a little bit more. And we still need to buy a microwave. And eventually a house.

This doesn't have much to do with moving to Costa Rica. More about me being Crazy. Is it starting to show?


Anonymous said...

Can't follow the train of thought here. What's Julienne?

jen poco loco said...

Julienne is a way to cut things into small little rectangular pieces. It is good to do to carrots, not so much fingers.

Ranger Beethoven said...

"A little smarter than the average bear"...? In any case, thanks for the link. ;>