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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Troubles of a 5-Year Old

So Bella (the 5 year old) knows we are moving to Costa Rica. I didn't think she needed to know about the move just yet, but when she asked directly, "Are we moving to Costa Rica" I could hold back no longer. I don't believe in lying to kids unless you have to, so I told her.

I had been trying to shield her from this information for as long as possible because I didn't want her to be worried, or at least to worry for as little time as possible. I keep telling myself it was going to be a traumatic fall anyway because she was going to have to start kindergarten and who likes that? So part of the rush has been to get her to Costa Rica to start school with all the other Costa Rican kindergartners.

Meanwhile, we have been talking about CR in code and in hushed tones around her. Also, I have been trying to talk up our trip to Costa Rica last November. But how can that trip possibly compete with Disney World last month? So instead, I have been trying to figure out why she wasn't more thrilled with the Costa Rica vacation. Also we have been trying to give her a Spanish Booster Shot (a few Sunday classes at the home of her Peruvian pre-school teacher). While the class will be in English, I am sure that the playground will be in Spanish.

So we have had a few breakdowns about this topic.

She doesn't want to go. Doesn't see why we can't just move to Florida instead. Cries about not ever seeing her cousin Rachael again.

She doesn't want to learn Spanish. She doesn't want to learn Tagolog either. She likes English.

Earlier, she told me that one of the reasons that she didn't like it so much before was because she missed her toys. I explained that we would pack them and take them with us, some on the plane, most in boxes on the boat. She worries that the toys on the boat will get lost and thinks we should just leave them here.

I explained that we were giving back this house, so we couldn't leave them here. I explained that we would be looking for a new house in Costa Rica and maybe we could have a pool, a trampoline, a dog....

She started to perk up. Now she wants a parrot. Where did that come from?!?

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