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Friday, June 1, 2007

Uneffecient Me

I've been reading lots of blogs from gringos living in Costa Rica that detail how convuluted it is to accomplish anything there. But I've been practicing dealing with that here. I know that sounds strange, but listen to this:

So we decided that we would treat ourselves to a new mattress to take with us, a King size - we have always wanted to upgrade from our queen, however not had the space. We figure we will now have the space and it would be cheaper/more selection to buy here. Of course that will mean new matress pads, sheets, comforter, etc. But as our baby approaches one-year old and hopefully all the kdis will be sleeping through the night, I am hoping that nights of blissful sleeping are coming. So, yea - king size bed to be.

Now we really like the queen we currently have. We bought it about 5 years ago. After laying on every mattress on the store (this took hours - remember, we had no kids yet) we were down to two matresses. We finally picked the firmer mattress, which turned out to be cheaper (by about $400 if I remember). So I pulled the sheets off and looked at the tags and called the store.

After confirming that we had a record at Mattress Discounters (so it was indeed where we bought the thing), I told the guy the name of the mattress. No dice. He took my number and went to find anybody that worked there five years ago. He called back and we all were on the same page and knew what was lying upstairs in my bedroom. A wonderful mattress that had been made specifically as an in-house brand for Mattress Discounters (hence the good deal) and that was NO longer being made. So now we will have to go in and lie on mattresses. Again.

Okay, no problem, let's move on to sheets. That's got to be easy. I have one set from JC Penney that we got as wedding presents that we LOVE. We love so much that I usually wash it and replace in one day. Only tag on the sheets says 100% Egyptian Cotton. I head to the internet and learn about thread count and cotton types and stiching methods and so forth. I look at the JCPenney website and several things match out to what I think I have. I look at a couple other websites to see what else is out there at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens and things. JC Penney seems to be having great prices for similiar things. While doing this, I also peruse for any quilts, coverlets, or spreads that are what I have in mind. Don't see anything like what I want. So I don't know what color sheets to buy. That's okay, I'll buy white. Besides JCPenney is having a sale right now (through Sat.) for like half off. That makes buying luxury sheets a little less painful. I could probably sway for different colors later if I wanted to. So I go to the store, prepared to plop down some moolah. They have nice samples. I figure out two types that are close to what I want. No Kings. Cal-kings out the wahoo, no kings.

So a few days later and I have no new mattress, no new linens, and a headfull of knowledge on sheets. Does this seem effecient or easy? Maybe I am far too much of a control freak, but if I am going to spend a couple hundred dollars, I want it right. Maybe this is nothing like Costa Rica either, but gotta chalk up another couple days of not accomplishing anything for the move to Costa Rica. Sigh. Maybe things will jump into boxes all by themselves this weekend.


Jones Family said...

Great story about the bed and sheets. I do the same type of things which is why I hate to shop! Plus, with our move I've been trying to sell some of my things on Ebay. My husband says by the time I research everything, get the photos I like, type up a description, and package the item for shipping it wasn't worth what I sold it for! I say whatever, it's better than giving it away!

I'm glad you contacted me. I would love to stay in touch but as you know, time is short right now!

Where will you be living after the move? Our house is in San Rafael.

I gotta get going since I have to clean the house for a showing. I'll write later tonight.
My email is


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