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Friday, July 13, 2007

Boxing Day

We are tired. It has been a bit of a let-down to be here. Kind of reminds me of the day AFTER Christmas (known as boxing day in Britishy countries). It was so very, very hectic to get everything done to come. In fact, we didn't get everything done. We left a trail of unfinished tasks for our family to do behind us (thanks guys). We also had many, many nights to bed after 2 am and up by 7 am. Bars was pretty upset at the time. When we booked tickets, he had wanted to push it out a week. I still maintain that it would have been same way, only later and with less time here before Bella's school started. Bars has said he has never been so stressed. Ha - I do this to myself all the time. Of course on the upside - we didn't have to think about the big change coming. It just kinda happened to us. So, I think overall that is less stress. More tired, less stress.

Not surprisingly, there were no welcome signs in the airport. No waiting friends or family. Costa Rica seems not to be impacted by our arrival. We have gone from being the weird friends doing something weird, that nobody is particularly thrilled with, to just the new kids on the block. Someone (she will remain nameless so as not to get into any trouble) told us that the local expats won't really befriend you for two years. Kind of a testing period to make sure that you stick. I can understand that with the kids - it would be kind of hard to keep having your kids' friends leave. Still, for my kids' sake, I hope that isn't true. We all need friends.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there and we'll see ya soon!


Anonymous said...

As an old codger that never changed his zip code I have very little advice specific to making such a hugh move, culturaly (sp) and physically.
However, regards comment on two years before acceptance.. I brought my children up (or attempted to) believing that it is not wise to make judgments in the plural...some will accept you instantly for who you are and what you are.. others will never do so.
Most will be in between... BELL CURVE for you engineers.. applies in almost all things

jen poco loco said...

Yes what you taught stuck. I am only repeating what I heard with some fear that it might be true. But I am not really worried because we will be such wonderful people to know!

Don't you think?