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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Check it off the list

One of the reasons that we moved here is that there were great, moderately expensive private schools for the kids that had happy kids in them. We had visited one such school in our November trip. It was great. It was conveniently located. It was beautiful. It was somewhat reasonably priced. It was not going to be a problem to get in (said Barry). It had club options. It had art and music and gym. It was taught in English, but majority of kids were from here. It was nice because it had one set of classes starting in August that would roughly follow the U.S. schedule. It was FULL.

I had said to Barry, if we had trouble, if we couldn't get the kids into school - we would return make sure that Bella would start kindergarten. But, alas, I knew that I would never follow through with that threat.

So - thus began the hunt. We visited and called several other schools. We were down to two Catholic, more local schools. We finally decided on St Jude's. This is not a website that does it justice and it is all in Spanish, but a small idea.

Here is more info about the school we picked.
They teach all major subjects in English.
They do teach in Spanish the following (one per day of the week) - music, art, gym, enrichment (Catholic and morals), and French.
Gus and Bella are BOTH enrolled.
Gus's classes go from 8 am - 12:30 pm.
Bella's classes go from 8 am - 2 pm.
They have cute uniforms - red shorts and a tee-shirt with school logo.
They have clubs. My hope is that both will take swimming, Bella ballet and crafts and Gus pre-gymnastics.
We can hire a school bus (think ecovan) to take them back and forth.
We had to buy school supplies for them and that is a story for another time.
We still need to buy mud boots for them - so far I have looked in about 5 stores!
They started TODAY and are there right NOW.

I think that we picked well, strike something else off the list.

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