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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Home

My blogfriend in the slow lane wondered how we were all doing without our stuff. This is what I told her.

As far as not having stuff, that is a joke. You should have seen our travel. I spent days with my 5 balikbayan boxes (Filipino boxes for "returning home" 20 x 20 x 20 white cardboard - much cheaper than the home depot and designed to be approved by the airlines, depending on how heavy you load them) and a scale. The 50 lbs is a killer - 70 would have been soooo easy. As it turned out I missed by a couple of pounds (heavy) but luckily the guy at the airport was in a hurry or he would have made me repack or pay $50 per box. So we had 5 balikbayan boxes, one homemade box that fit the pack and play plus other items and two car seats loaded up with other stuff and wrapped. Plus a double stroller, a single stroller, six assorted carryon suitcases, backpacks, diaper bag, purse, and three kids under 6. That's alot of stuff. It took an Izuzu Rodeo and a Volvo station wagon to get us all to the airport. Well all of us plus three family members to drive the cars back (and just generally help). We must have looked very "pack-mulish" going through the airport. Thankfully, everything from there on out went smoothly. (Except they made me throw out the opened jar of jif at security - no biggie, I just thought if we found nothing else for the fussy kids to eat, I could spoon it in them - but everything worked out fine).

We are staying at a furnished 2-bedroom condominium in Santa Ana called Blvd. del Sol. It is perfect for now. You probably already know, the term condominium means something different in Costa Rica - it translates to an enclosed compound with a guard. Our place is more like a townhouse. But we have been able to cook and let the kids play out back.

BUT, we only have this place for a week. Original plan was to take it for a month, however someone else has rented it for our second week. Now we are scrambling to find something else. We had an appointment today to meet a realtor person (not sure what to call them here, there are so many) to see a similar place near the multiplaza and the school for Bella. We also were to go by the school and enroll her. School was closed (I knew they were on vacation, but it was empty - no office personnel), and I forgot to change my watch so we were late for our appointment by an hour. We have rescheduled for tonight at 6:30 pm. So we accomplished McDonald's and buying little toys for the kids. It is hard enough to accomplish errands here when you Don't put yourself in the way. Ugh. Still totally my fault can't be too mad at Ibarra.

So hopefully we will like this place and take it for the 5 weeks it is definitely available. In that time our stuff will get here, and hopefully we will have found the place to buy.

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Erin said...

I know you posted this almost a month ago, but I was wondering how the house search is going? Hope all is well!