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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not out on the streets yet

It feels kinda funny here. Feels familiar and still very strange. Of course we sometimes seem like chickens without heads, not sure which task to do first or how to do it. Buy the car, set up the corporation, open a bank account, get a drivers license......Sometimes it seems like I am a kindergartener and this is the put the pictures in order test.

Still, I guess we are making progress. We saw a furnished townhouse in a condominium in Los Laureles area. We took it for five weeks. Hopefully in that time we can find a house. At the very least,we are not out on the streets for 5 weeks.

I can not believe it, but my husband is forging aheadwith the idea to BUY. My husband who rails against the market, talks about bubbles, etc. I am a little in shock. Still, I thinik his reasoning is sound. If we get a long term unfurnished rental, we are still yanking the kids around. He really is ready to be able to do what we want with a place. And at theprice range we are hoping for, it is not like CA real estate. We have always been good in the past. Neither of us gets hooked emotionally and "gotta have" this house. Although I am a believer in "knowing" when you see it. Hopefully our luck in chosing well will remain strong. We dove in this far - might as well keep going.


Coloraturamom said...

Jen - you amaze me. And I also miss you, even though Santa Clara county might as well have been Costa Rica for as often as I got off my butt and got us together! This is an adventure as life should be - make the most of it and treasure your new life!!

jen poco loco said...

I know - when things settle down a little I will give you a call with our new number. Plus, you can still come out and visit. It will be that much "funner" to see us here....