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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Potter Fix Available

Just wanted to let everyone know that I should be able to get my Harry Potter. Auntie Myra is coming to visit next week and should be bringing The Book (I ordered it from Amazon to get to Mommie's along with some other things) ..... AND (most exciting) it is playing in the Cinemark here. So basically, we can (once we ditch the kids) go to the mall, order popcorn and watch the movie. JUST LIKE THE U.S. Only difference, we may have to have subtitles in Spanish. We can definitely deal with that!


I am sure everyone is just thrilled for me.

1 comment:

Saratica said...

Spanish subtitles everywhere, even TV (except the networks). Great way to practice your Spanish... now when I don't have them, I miss them.

And they have caramel popcorn here. So sticky sweet... i'm sick after a small bag but it's so good!!!! Have fun.