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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Red Sox and Technology are Universal

The other day, we spent a good couple hours sitting outside on the little stoop and watching the kids play on the sloped common road down through the condominiums. We are at the top of the hill of 6 townhouse types that face in toward each other (three on each side). The complex guard is a guy named Alvaro and we spent much of this time chatting with him. Mind you he only speaks Spanish, so this all took awhile. It takes patience to go slowly through these conversations, but is usually worth the effort. Barry got more, but they were guys talking. It is a little different in a Latin country.

This is what I learned:

  • He is from Nicaragua
  • He is 28 years old
  • He has 5 brothers and sisters, 4 are here in Costa Rica along with his mother
  • He has an 18 year old girlfriend
  • He is taking English classes in San Jose, they are expensive for him but he feels that it is his best opportunity for better work here or abroad
  • He is Evangelical (I think that means Born-again Christian here)
  • He has a cool cell phone that plays music - including Bee Gees and "Take My Breathe Away" from Top Gun
  • Nicaraguans (in general) tend to follow baseball more than futbol (soccer)
  • He likes the Red Sox

So there Dad - all the way to Costa Rica to meet a Sox fan.... No Yankees here!

1 comment:

Saratica said...

I have found that locals who are taking english classes appreciate conversing in english: often we go to a restaurant or store, the clerk is speaking english for practice and we are speaking spanish for practice, correcting each other as we go along. pretty comical!

glad you found a good school. from our homeschooling standpoint, as long as the kids are safe and having fun, being loved, learning spanish, they are in good hands. when it gets right down to it, they can learn their entire elementary "education" (the book learnin') in a year at age 12... but the fun they have in elementary school is what that's all about.

if we'd moved here when the boys were little, we would have put them in a local school for sure!

now you just need a nanny or a fun daycare and you can really get stuff moving along!

the boys are heading to new jersey for two weeks... one they are home, we will do something fun. hope you are doing well - see you!