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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Things that make you go hmm..

Everyone here seems worried about security. There are bars on the windows. On private residences there are often extra measures on the big walls (i.e. glass shards, razor wire, or even electric fence). In the complexes (called condominiums here) there are guard houses and often guys with guns. There are guys with guns in many public places.

BUT - alot of it seems for show. We have noticed that often these "extra" precautions seem to take care of one method of entry, but completely skip other ways.

I recently finished reading Robert B. Parker's Appaloosa, (good book by the way), in which the main character, Virgil Cole, Marshall of the town, mentions that "Clausewitz says you gotta plan for what your enemy can do, not what you think he'll do."

They don't seem to do that here. Point in case. Lets put shiny stuff in place, but in a condominium, we don't need to have bars or even really good locks on these huge sliding windows. They are just a hop, skip and a jump from the roof of the terrace. The terrace roof is just over the short wall on the side where there are no guards. Hmmm.....

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