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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Up and Running

You may think I am talking about us and our adventure in Costa Rica - and while it is true that we are - this post is all about the baby.

She did it folks. For the past few months she has been standing up and putting one foot forward, then falling. Last night she put together 8 steps and then sat down on her own accord. She did it a few more times, just to show she can. And while crawling is still her preferred mode of transportation (after being carried by her mama), can running be far off?


Saratica said...

Congratulations! I think... We missed you all at the lunch - I know you had just moved in and so much happening. Call if you need anything - see you!

jen poco loco said...

Wow you are up early!
Thanks - I hope those events occur every so often. We had wanted to try to go - but it took all day to move over to the new condo.
But we are settled now.
Talk to you soon,