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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We want ditoys

I may have mentioned that we have been watching a lot of tv. A lot of discovery kids. This is a channel for little kids so there are a lot of commercials geared toward kids. Particularly a lot of toys. I am frequently told, "I want that." There are some neat things here and some things from the States that are either new to me or didn't do too well in the U.S. market and are being aggressively marketed here.

For example:

Bella wants this as her dog. Of course the cool part is that it comes with a Barbie too. She has explained to me numerous times how much cleaner it would be to have a toy dog do poo-poo. Easier to clean up and isn't it neat. (You should see the commercial where Barbie uses the vacuum tool to clean up and dispose of the dog waste). To me it just looks like a tiny thing to be left around for Sera to try and eat. As I think Tanner is doing in the image. We will have to see about this.

Barry wants this. He thinks it would be fun to play with the kids. I am not sure how PC this would be and if it is available in the U.S.

Sera is too young to want everything. Luckily, Bella has selected several things that she might like (I am not sure if it is Bella or Sera who would like them?) and informed me we should get them for Sera's birthday.

Gus wants everything.

I just want to see Harry Potter.

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