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Friday, August 31, 2007


Today we saw an accident. Well, not actually the accident, but the aftermath of an accident. We were driving the kids to school and there was a slow-down in both lanes just before the bus stop, just before the exit to Santa Ana. As we got closer, we could see why.

Accidents here can be hard to see. When things like this happen in the U.S. usually as you go by everyone rubbernecks to see what is going on. Usually you see banged up cars, cracked windshields, dented fenders, blown airbags, maybe people on the side of the street. You don't usually see the injured, they are behind the tinted glass.

In Costa Rica, in this case anyway, you see a man lying face down in the street with a group of people around him. You see his shoes off his feet and a few feet away. You see someone bending down and talking with him, so he must not be dead, in fact the way that his head is lying on the crook of his elbow makes him look like he might have just decided to lay down and take a little nap. In the middle of the road. But there are the shoes and you know that is not the case. You know that this guy must have been running across the road and got hit. And he got hit hard enough to knock him out of his shoes.

And you hope this never happens to you. That you are never hit by a car and that you never are the one that hits someone running across the road. And you hope that this guy "wakes up." And you hope that your kids are not too freaked out by seeing it. And you hope that they will listen better in streets and parking lots, at least for a little while. And you hope that this guy "wakes up."

Wake up guy.

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