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Monday, August 13, 2007

School Days

So the kids have been in school a few weeks. Bella LOVES it and Gus is getting to really LIKE it. Bella has done swimming and ballet last week and came home bragging. Seems she swam in the pool without floaties. We were getting really close, but whenever I tried to get her to do it, she um sank - so this is good. Shows what a real teacher can do. Also, in ballet she learned this spin (squat, stand, spin) that looks really good and she likes to do. So that is very nice.

Gus is now wearing big boy pants (underwear) to school and staying dry and clean (mostly). These feel like advancements. By the way, 2 more party invites for Bella and we have only been late 2/9 times in the morning. Those who know us should be impressed. This is like a record for us. It is almost 80% - that is a passing grade.

Still, it is a little bit of a full day to take them over at 8, get Gus at 12:30 and get Bella at 2pm. It's about 45 minutes round trip. Lotta car time. We will look into the bus. Although I like getting them and seeing them so happy from school.

This is the school. This is the dropoff/pickup area. They have this really neat system. You drive up, teachers are there to load or unload your kids. Perfect if it raining. Or if you have another baby in the car that you don't want to have to unload. Also, my bad picture taking allows you to see their very cute uniforms.

School is GREAT!!

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