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Thursday, August 2, 2007

School Update

So they have had two days in school and both seem to like it. Gus less so at drop off. He cries. This is not unusual, he never wanted to go to school in California. But he is very happy when we get him. Says he had a good day. Bella really likes it and came home on the first day with a friend and a bracelet that the friend gave her. Still can't remember her name, other than it has a 'v' in the middle. Also, after two days, we have two invites to kids parties.

We noticed from waiting in the car line to get the kids, these are definitely the soccer moms of Costa Rica. If I can just learn some Spanish, we should fit in just fine. I am still thinking that we made a good choice.


don_mecca said...

Hey! I really like your blog. I am seriously thinking of moving to Costa Rica. Ive only been there once, but I think that is the place for me. I am looking for advice in doing this. Can you point me in the right direction? Give me some advice? Just someone that I can talk to - ask questions about moving down there. Thanks in advance!

Don Clark - akamushi @

jen poco loco said...

Sure. I don't know how much help we can be (as we are just starting), but at least I can warn you about the rookie mistakes that we made.

Also check out this blog: - very informative, very amusing.

Alot of people swear by the ACR ( - although we didn't join that.

We also check out the forums (Costa Rica living and We Love Costa Rica) - although some opinions (read rants) there get to be a little much.

Feel free to email me.