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Friday, August 31, 2007

What to bring?

I got a comment. I love when I get comments. Seems some people are actually reading.
Here is what Cindy wrote:

Hi Jen,I just happened to find your blog as my husband and I are doing the same thing as you and I'm going crazy. We have 45 days to close on our house in San Diego, and we are going to drive down with a trailer full of stuff....still trying to figure out what stuff. How is it going for you and do you have any more advice since you have gone and done it (I'm assuming by now)?cindy

Here is what I think. EVERYTHING. We are just about finished unpacking and so many things that we tossed that I wish we had brought (i.e. dish rack, garbage cans, welcome mat, filing cabinets, crutches, potholders, hangers, a car).....

That being said, you can find just about anything you want here. Find is one part of that statement. For instance, I had to go to 3 stores to find a dish drain with a tray under it. The other is cost. We got rid of a couple of filing cabinets and now spent over $100 at Office Depot to get a new, not as nice one. But it holds papers. What more do you really want.

Electronic gadgets are expensive here (coffee makers, waffle irons, tvs) and there is not a lot of selection of high quality linens (i.e. sheets, towels, dish towels). Floor rugs don't seem outrageously expensive, but not much selection.

But, if you are trying to downsize your life (not keep three kids under 6 entertained), don't get bogged down with Chachkis and such. Also, how much space do you have? Do you actually like your furniture?

The answers are different for everyone. But I think if you are bringing stuff, bring everything you can that fits. I would imagine that you can always get rid of things here, probably to a very needy/worthy place.

And if you have extra room, hop over to my friends site for suggestions for needed items at some very worthy sounding (I have never been personally, but my friend has and I trust her) charities.

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