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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mother's Day

I want to tell you about Mother's Day in Costa Rica. It is a BIG deal. To begin with it is on August 15. It is hard to miss, there are signs everywhere advertising how you should get nice presents for your mother. Alvaro got his Mom a new refrigerator. We are talking big time stuff. I had to get new glasses and when the transaction was completed, the sales girl told me she could give me a 30% discount with a Banex card. 30%! I don't have a Banex card, as I don't yet have a bank account, so she gave me 10% discount for cash.

Then there were the school parties. About a week before "the day" I got a note from the teacher for $10 for each kid for present and merienda food. And then I got an invitation to the performance. Bella had been practicing a song all week, which basically says "You're wonderful. You're marvelous. Do do da do de do." And there is a little dance that goes with it, complete with shimmy. So I went to the school. It was very nice, they had chairs set out in the back with a makeshift platform stage. They brought out the classes and one at a time they "performed" their tributes. (The youngest kids just cried, but after that it got quite good). Then we went to the rooms for merienda (snack) and gifts. I got an apron decorated with red tulips (via hand print) from Bella and a satchel with a butterfly and the words "mamacita" embroidered on it. The card on Gus's package said "No language can express the power and beauty of heroism of a mother's love." Wow do I feel heroic.