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Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebrity Saratica comes to our house

So we have met the famous, prolific Saratica. Surprisingly her real first name is something other than Sara, and we call her that when we see her, but we still refer to her as Saratica to each other. I mean it is not often that you actually meet a celebrity.

If you haven't seen her blog, you should really check it out. She is funny, deep and relevant. Reading her stuff has made me laugh, it has made me tear up and it has made me move to Costa Rica. Okay, really we did the last one ourselves. But still, reading her blog "pre-flight" made us feel that we had a definite nod of approval, a green light, that what we thought we would be getting, was indeed here to be found. And it has been.

She is a hoot, a holler and a kick in the pants. I hope she enjoys that description.

But I must say that it is a little weird to meet someone you already think that you know. As I read her blog I often think, that sounds like us. She is so nice and funny. We have now "socially engaged" twice (she was nice enough to invite us up to her house for a brunchy thing during our first weeks here - what a nice touchstone as we had been surrounded by Spanish and a little strangeness and mostly each other and now we have had their family for pizza at our house, now that we are mostly settled in).

It seems so nice to socialize and have buddies. Her kids are great, Hal is funny too, and I already told you about her. But, there is a tiny awkward feeling, like a blind date set up by your aunt - we know too much about them or something. The stories that you tell when you first meet, we have already read about. Still, I am sure we will get past this and it is just a phenomenon of meeting fellow bloggers. I had better get used to it.

By the way - Hi Saratica and as I posted on your blog, wear all the lipstick you want but you must know that you could never be replaced!

1 comment:

Saratica said...

Whining works!!! I whined about no comments and you turned them on. Thank you! You will have good conversations in the comments, you'll see!

I know I wrote this to you privately but wanted to post it on "my" post!

I loved reading about me... it's funny to be the celebrity. I feel so regular. And it feels so regular to be such an open book. We loved meeting you all, too! You are a dear person, Jen poco loco, and I hope we see each other often!!! And keep up the good work!!!