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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm Back

Okay, not the most original title. But beware, I have lots of things to post about and will try my best not to lag like that again. As I mentioned to a friend, I was just taking a break to build suspense. (Just kidding).

Sorry to say, nothing that exciting has been going on. I have just been really busy just getting our lives set up here. I HATE moving and every time we do it, I vow it will be easier next time. I pare down, and yet it still stinks the next time around. We just have TOO much stuff. And, everything just seems to take a long time here. I can see why some people get tired of that. Lucky for me,what else I got to do - besides blog?

But after many questions about why I have stopped blogging. From California, Florida, the Philippines - okay, that is really just family - I will start up again and vow to do better.

Exciting, upcoming topics will probably include: driving in Costa Rica, a visit to Florida, some differences in US and CR, Disney school play, more driving in Costa Rica, fist fight at the mall, my first streetwalker, meeting a celebrity, Sera's first words, starting our business, birthday parties galore, the weirdness of writing about real people........ and MORE!

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