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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mi Amor - Or a trip to the hardware store in Costa Rica

My husband sent me to the hardware store by the kids school the other day. We were looking for the little metal pieces that hold the bookshelves in a bookcase. Hard enough to explain in English (is there even a proper word for it?) So I go in and try to explain this in my limited Spanish. Keep in mind that I do not know the words for the item I am looking for or for bookcase or shelf.

I try, with lots of hand waving and gestures. The old guy smiles sadly and says, "No, mi amor."

I try again, I manage this:
- "in the furniture for books" he nods.
- "the tree" (hands sweep across like flat) he nods.
- "I need a small (hands show pushing in the piece to the side of my imaginary bookcase) for the tree" (hands flat again) he smiles, nods and directs me to another girl.

I do it all over again. She walks me to the aisle. They only have plastic, but close enough. I buy two boxes for something like $1 and go on about my day.

I am pretty happy to have gotten this done. And how nice that he called me "mi amour."

And that is how I get things done here.

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