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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Happy Halloween to everyone.

Yep we had it here, thanks to one of Bella's classmates we attended a party last night. Kids dressed up, Moms dressed up, overdose of sweets - the usual.

The party was held in an upscale condominium here. A condominium is really what we would call a gated community in the U.S. This place was really nice. Large houses, largish plots of land, nicely mantained streets.

Now some kids did not come, devil worshipping implications and all. But those that did had a great time. Around 5:30 pm the rain slowed to a drizzle and off we went to trick or treat. This would not have been possible in the regular neighborhoods, but the people in Parque Valle del Sol did it up. Not every house participated and we only hit about 20 houses out of a couple hundred, but wherever we went the decorations were out of control. Hanging skeletons, strobe lights, inflated ghosts in huge jack-o-laterns, you name it, we saw it. And the place was crawling with trick-or-treaters. It was typical flow, younger kids first and then older kids with minimal costumes out for mucho candy. I swear that I saw at least 250 people trawling the streets in the few hours I observed. On the other hand, the take was not typical. There are many hard candies (for example the strawberries that have strawberry cellophane covering). No way would this fly in the U.S. due to safety concerns. Here, it is accepted. No problem.

The similarities to the U.S.:
costumes, kids, candy and crazy

The differences:
Over the top decorations and weak candy collection

All in all a wonderful time.