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Thursday, November 8, 2007

On Weight in Costa Rica

In California I felt like I had the best behaved kids and was only a little overweight.

In Costa Rica, I am very large and my kids are out of control.

Okay, not really.

I have lost a little weight and changed the way I dress, so I look only a little heavy and if I would stop yelling at the kids so much, they would appear just as well behaved as all the other kids. I just can't stand kids laying on the floor in public. Yuk.

Enough about the kids, let's talk about something infinitely more degrading - my weight.

After three kids, fat genes, no exercise and a lifetime of, well, less than perfect eating and a long-time love affair with all things carbohydrate (and I mean the bad boy kind - white bread, pasta, potatoes) and REAL butter, I am extremely overweight. Probably by the numbers I am "morbidly obese." Due to big boobs and big clothes I just appear, really fat.

So we move to Costa Rica. And in the first three months I drop about 20 lbs.

Here is how I think it happened:
1) No GOOD Butter
2) Hence, not much bread - my carb cravings were replaced by whole grain cereal
3) It is a little warmer, I "glow" a little more
4) Busy, busy, busy moving, unpacking, hauling boxes
5) Good sleep when there was no television to watch
6) Once good things like this start, they seem to snowball
7) Everyone wears pants and tight shirts (see #3)
8) I was cooking myself here and didn't know the "Tico" way to make food delicious. Turns out the secret is oil.

I was feeling pretty good. Mommi noted that my face looked thinner on the webcam and said lots of nice things about that fact. My Dad when he saw me made the statement "You look good, Jen" (this means that I don't look sloppy) although I was cautioned not to wear shirts too tight, that "skin" tight only looks good if the skin is tight. I didn't explain that dress-code is a little different here. I will save that for another post.

Then I discovered the bakery section at the markets. Awesome, fresh, cheap bread. It seems Italian to me (Barry says it reminds him of Filipino breakfast bread). It is delicious. Also, Bagelmans is pretty good. So the scale still is going down, however the middle is a little fluffy.
Today I bought multi-grain bread. We will see if that works. Could certainly stand to loose some more. Wish me luck.

1 comment:

Saratica said...

Good luck. I think lack of sleep is underrated as a fat-maker! I've been out there walking straight up the hill by my house - killer, but seems to have the desired effect... And how could you yell at those precious babies? (Just kidding - trust me, I know how it happens...)