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Friday, November 2, 2007

Red Sox Revelations

I know it is late. The world series is long over, but I want to talk about the Red Sox.

First, I must confess that I don't really watch baseball. I don't really follow baseball. Most years I could not even tell you when it is over or who has won.

Except when the Red Sox are involved.

Being born and raised in a household where "Yankees" is considered a bad word leads to certain formative thoughts, and realizations. The most obvious having been that one is always free to dream. The most negative being that there will always be next year. It has been exciting to watch them rally, to come from behind, to fight back to even and then not quite make it to the top. There was a certain reliability there, as gambling addicts always hope to win but know that they will lose. Having faith in the Red Sox was like believing in God. How do you know he's real, it all about faith.

Except now.

Now they win.

In the past foreigners that followed baseball, invariably rooted for the Yanks. I married one (I know, sacrilege). Now, I've met people here (i.e. Nicaraguans, etc.) who prefer the Red Sox. They have become popular. That is all well and good. Congratulations on another series to the new and improved Red Sox. But frankly, I kind of want my Red Sox back.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

some, like grampa, made the journey before the Sox won it all.
They were the true believers

I, too, miss being the true baseball fan who routs for the unattainable with unwavering loyalty... but it is kind of nice to have silent Yankee fans.. nothing to say.. their hearts filled will despair (sp).. Lets see how long they can wait.