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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So tomorrow is Thanksgiving. What are we going to do?

This is the first year it is just us. We have spent the last few years back and forth between Barry's family and mine. I have never been the master. I have been told what my contribution will be and I have done what I was told (make this, sit here, eat that) and LOVED it. So what will we do now?

I first have to mention what has happened on the last few Thanksgivings spent with my Filipino family. In the beginning, there was a very big "American" style to it. I guess for me and for my brother-in-law Brad from Minnesota. It was nice, but I have to say - if it ain't Toots doing the cooking, it ain't Real Thanksgiving. The food that woman puts out is amazing. Did you read my post about losing weight? Wonder how it got there in the first place? I do love me some good eating.

Over the years, the California Thanksgivings have become more casual, more diverse in food selection and more fun. I always sneak in a little from home. Usually something straight from my Mom's recipes (for example jello salad with sour cream - deliciouso). But I also have enjoyed pancit, teriakyi salmon, salads, lumpia and many other delicious things. So Thanksgiving has really shifted over the years.

I LOVE the BIG EVENT of my youth which had my Mother in the kitchen all day, as a participant.
I also LOVE the casual gatherings with my husbands family.

So what will we do this year.
1)Send the kids to school. It is a school day here after all, although Friday is off for teacher appreciation day.
2) Go to a Gringo hang out here that serves a Thanksgiving buffet.
3) Feel a little homesick for the families that we will miss this year.
4) Start decorating for Christmas, we are really behind by Costa Rica standards - things have been up since around November 1.

Have a happy Turkey Day everyone.
Lots of Love.