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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bird names and other business

By the way, the birds were in lieu of getting a dog just yet. I want to, but there are many complications. We got these from a veterinary/pet store in Escazu Centro. They only sold birds and rabbits (a rabbit is what Bella really wants - thanks cousin Rach). When the entire transaction was done, the jovial older big guy leaned over to me and told me in our broken Spanish conversation to make sure and love them. Guess he knows Mom is the one that changes cage paper/feeds/etc.

Bella picked the Yellow one (I think because it was the only yellow one at the store - that girl knows how to determine value!) and she tried several names that first day before deciding on Ella (from Ella Enchanted)

The green one belongs to Gus, and he named him FUEGO

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