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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not as scary as it looks

This is the checkpoint to get in and out of our neighborhood. There is this little shack with a gun guy in it (see him peaking out - see the big gun). Another just like it on the other side. And a few gun guys riding around on motorcycles. They put the gates down at night and open them as you drive up. There are cameras mounted on the entry side to take an image of the car/license plate. Still - they don't stop you. They don't ask your name, your business or who you are visiting. I have definitely visited friend that have a more formal security system.

Still, this makes me feel safe. Also they will respond to alarms, etc. and on one occasion when Bars was knocking at the door (having forgotten a key) a motorcycle gun guy was going by and he stopped and waited until I came to let Bars in. Just to make sure.


Jack said...

Is there much crime in Costa Rica?

I saw a blog post at Costa Rica HQ about problems with theft in Costa Rica.

jen poco loco said...

Hi Jack.
Yes there is crime in Costa Rica. It has been a hot topic around here lately and I am planning a whomping big post on it in the next few days. I need a little more time to pull together the data, opinions and links. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

spring like ... what type of clothing would an aging, semi-active, northeaterner wear if he were planning a short stay in costa rica

jen poco loco said...

When I said spring-like, I was thinking of the flowers - but that is a fairly accurate statement. The real answer depends on where you are going. If you will be in the Escazu area, say with me and my family, I would pack a little variety. Shorts and shirts will get you by (unless you have really acclimated to a warmer locale such as Florida), but bring some long pants and a long sleeved shirt/sweatshirt. We think it can be chilly in the mornings and evenings. And bring your suit, the pool is frigid, but the kids love it.