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Friday, February 22, 2008

This is "The BIG Chicken." It is at a little pay-to-play park near the Multi-Plaza (and our house). The real name is Brinca Landia, which means jump something. But we just call it the Big Chicken. We drive by it every day. Sometimes the chicken is "sleeping" and the head is deflated. Sometimes the whole slide is deflated and the chicken is missing. We always enjoy seeing what state our old buddy is in.

We have gone a couple of times to play. It is about $6 entry for each kid (a little steep by Costa Rica standards). It is great though, the kids love it and it is very different than anything like it in California. First, there is no signing away of liability to allow kids in, they figure you know kids can get hurt. Second, it is practically empty. We have been the only people there, or one of three families. Third, there is a staff of young guys that whatch the whole area, moving from thing to thing along with the kids. They watch, interact, play with the kids. Fourth, there are chairs for the parents to sit and relax (remember there are about 5 guys following the kids around and no other exits). It is really a good time.

If you come visit - we can take you there.

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