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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Costa Rica Super Nanny Just Kicked My Butt

I just finished lunch. We had a delicious meatball soup, my husband, the maid/nanny, and I. We also had a great conversation. Somehow, we got on the topic of the behavior and habits of our children. She recommended a tv show that shows here. As she described it, guess what, The Super Nanita.

We spoke for about 30 minutes on the topic of dinnertime in the loco house. And ne'er a truer statement could be made. We always have good intentions of family dinners, but after a few tough nights we give in to the easy way, the fast way. We feed them only foods they like and we chase them with dinner. My husband never had regular family dinner (youngest of eight), and doesn't see the importance of it. I am weak and give in to the easy way.

So L. told us how important to change now because it is harder/worse later. She also went on about the diapers at night for all the kids (3 and 6 year old included) but we will save that challenge for another day. She went after us pretty good and we have agreed to try it again. The family dinner thing. I think this time my husband and I will be a united front and I hope we can draw strength from each other through the difficult transition.

Now this conversation went on in Spanish, so I hope I got it all. But I really want to say - if they ever want to do a Costa Rican version, she's your girl!


SKB Photography said...

My husband and I and our 5 kids are moving to Jaco in 56 weeks. We are really excited. I just found your blog and love it!!! I'd appreciate any advice.:)

Anonymous said...

Having a united front, both parents agreeing to the game plan, whatever it is, is THE CRITICAL ITEM. If you agree, then stick to the plan, anything is possible. If you don't, nothing is possible.

And here's the really hard part: kids know this. Even Gus. Sera, proooobably not... but she will catch on fast. They know they will get their way when they can divide you. They know this and they are heartless when it comes to getting what they want.

Like TOYS. Good luck!!!! Wait till they are teenagers and know everything.