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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Details of the Queen's Stay

For those of you who have been following, my parents just came for a visit. Of course it was nice to see them, but it is always hard for me when they leave. It is especially hard that there is no certain next time. We do no know when (or even where) we will see them next. It probably doesn't help that my Mom cries when she leaves. Or that I do too.

It is also tough to entertain them, because what they like best is to sit, interact and watch the kids and chat with us. Could be anywhere. Still, here is a little description of what great hosts we are and some highlights of the trip.

1)Picking up the kids at school, we parked and Poppie and I walked over. The pure delight in my daughter's eyes as she yelled "Poppie" and ran and jumped in his arms. Love like that can not be bought. After these things, it saddens me that there is not more togetherness. However, when we are together it is full-time. I do not worry that my children don't know my parents. They do. And will.

2)I had put some of my parent's laundry in with ours. At night, my Mom was looking for it.
"I gave some laundry to be done, where would I find it?"
"Folded and put on your bed"
"You've got to be kidding me. I could get used to this."
Some things here are definitely worth it.

3)Rosti Pollo's. We decided to eat out on Sunday night so that if there were to be any digestive issues (these would be the people from whom I inherited my sensitive stomach) it could pass before Tuesday travel day. We also decided to stick with something we knew (and liked) that was somewhat Costa Rican. So we decided on a drive around and dinner out. Escazu, Santa Ana, Belen, back to Escazu. This place was like a ghost town. Then dinner at Rosti Pollo's (okay so I hear it was started by a Nicaraguan, it is still different from home). My Dad is in love. We also had lunch and dinner at a Rosti Pollo's on Monday and I think he would have put chickens in his carryon if he thought they would last. For those of you who don't know. Rosti Pollo's serves chicken that is roasted rotisserie style of a fire of coffee wood. It is delicious. Everything else at the restaurant is mediocre. But the chicken is OUTSTANDING.

4)And of course multiple trips to the Multiplaza.

We had lots of discussions. About the good and bad of living here. About what we will do in the future. About my upcoming book. About Barry's career. About safety. About where to look in the US when we have to go back. Nothing is resolved but I hope that they feel more comfortable with us here now that they have seen the region of our daily exsistance. It may not last forever, but for now we are happy.


Anonymous said...

Foz - I'm enjoying reading about your adventures in Costa Rica. Congrats on the upcoming book! That's AWESOME!
Best, Lenora

Kathryn said...

What a lovely visit. I'm glad it went so well.
My hubby and I really want to pick up and move to Hawaii, but we just can't leave our folks. I can't imagine how difficult it is for you to say good-bye to them after such a wonderful visit.

Catherine said...

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In one of his entries, James highly recommends the Le Monastere Restaurant which sits on top of a hill looking over Escazu, Heredia and San Jose.

Among the places James also mentions worth seeing are Finca Mequengue Falls, Tabacon, Xandari and Costa Rican National Parks like the Arenal Volcano and the Chirripo National Parks. To get first hand information on these wonderful places and other bits and pieces about Costa Rica, visit James' Costa Rica HQ: