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Friday, March 28, 2008

Haiku Friday - Shark by the Shore

Haiku Friday

Easter Sunday spent
On the road 3 A M to
Manuel Antonio

No easter bunny
The excitement of the day
A shark by the shore!

See all the people
Guard says out of the water
We all watch in awe

What is it? we say
Though some say it in Spanish
as "Que es esto?"

And we all see it
In the sea a dorsal fin
On a tiny shark

Only One Foot Long
If I had to guess it's size.
But so very close!

No picture to show
He's too fast - ten feet away
Have to believe me.

1 comment:

Munero Soloman said...

The description of the shark in this poetic way!!!! Creative way to express ..., I must say ,this is the second most interesting blog I found about costa rica other than the one I am addicted to