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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Queen is coming

I am pretty excited today. Today, my parents will be arriving in Costa Rica to visit us for a long weekend. I must remind you that my parent's were not are not thrilled with this move. In fact, my mother's first words were, "I'll never visit you there."

But have three little kids, their only grandkids and true heirs to the throne. You see if you can keep them away. Also, they are currently in their "retirement" place in Florida, so it is a no-stop three hour flight. And they can come for just a four day weekend instead of a see-each-other-for-two-weeks-straight visit.

We won't do anything more exciting than:
Sit in the living room and watch the kids

  • Go to the mall and watch the people

  • Go to McDonald's and watch the kids

  • Go to the Big Chicken and watch the kids

Are you getting my drift? A family hang-out session that just happens to be in Costa Rica. Still, they won't be able to not see the place, at least a little. And it is different than the states. I am very interested to see what they think. I will keep you posted.

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

Oh how exciting! Let us know how it goes.