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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Queen's Companion - A guest post

I have asked my father to post his impression of Costa Rica as my parent's visit draws to a close. Here is what he has to say:

You may have heard reference to the Queen's visit... Well that visit is nearing it's end and "Crazy" has asked for a comment on the visit. I am the Queen's Companion and, as such, have been asked to make that comment. Costa Rica from my eyes so to speak. The most important part of this trip has been absolutely phenomenal. Granddaughters 1 and 2 Grandson 1 are just about as wonderful as any grandchildren could be.. they would be wonderful in Costa Rica, California, Kalamazoo or anywhere they chose to be.

That being said, let's talk of Costa Rica living. Of locking doors, setting alarms. Of being constantly aware that the poor of the world are not always honest in their pursuit of a better life. That, when the poor collide with the rich, the poor somehow are not always as noble as the rich.

Lets talk about the food.. not bad, not noteworthy, not spicy, not rich. The meat is chewy and somehow different from the meat in the States. The chicken, however, is excellent.. as are the bananas. And the coffee,the coffee is excellent.

The roads are beyond bad (by States standards) and the only rules of driving seem to be fight for your space, be nice to others and stay out of accidents. Traffic signs are all "optional" and motorcycles need not even be concerned with traffic lights (the few that exist)

A trip to the mall was exciting and fun. People of all ages and classes seemed to be courteous (and the vast majority were well dressed). The casual visitor wearing shorts stands out as under dressed. Driving around the towns of Costa Rica was quite like driving around a very poor, very rural area of USA. However, walking around in the mall was like going to a grand opening. Everything was immaculate, the floors shone and the bathrooms were just unbelievably clean.

All being said, some good some bad... but for me, I still chose the evils that I know in the States.

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