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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Speaking Spanish with the ladies

The other day we were invited to a girl's get together after school. Little girls running around in Disney dress-up with makeup. Meanwhile, mom's could gossip talk.

We went and had a wonderful time. There were six other Mom's there. A few I know pretty well. A few were new. A few speak EXCELLENT English. A few speak none. Of course, this is a Latin country, Spanish is the first language. It is only because these are very well educated women that they speak English at all. So I will play along in Spanish as best as I can.

Lessons learned:
1)Do not sit too far down the table, adding hearing difficulties to the language difference is not helpful.
2)They speak fast.
3)I need to learn more Spanish to be able to keep up.
4)Smile and nod works well in most cases, even if you don't understand 100%.
5)I will probably never understand 100%
6)These are exactly the kind of women I want to hang out with.
7)They are quite funny.
8)Eventually any group of women will start griping about discussing their kids and husbands.
9)Even I can play along with that.

For more details about what good news came out of this visit, go here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Found your website via thegoodblogs. I like your stories! Que interesante! :)

And I see that your married to a Filipino! Haha, maybe you want to check our website out to brush up on your Filipino.