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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Teacher versus the Bull dozer

First the scene:

At the kids school, there is a tall wall, and behind it is a construction site. More condos, of course. There is also an empty field next to this construction site. One morning as I arrived to drop the kids off, there was a bulldozer taking dirt from the construction site and dropping it over the wall into the empty field. Some stray dirt was tumbling into the school's driveway.

The players:

The kids have a teacher for what they call Enrichment. It is Catholicism and morals and ethics and all sorts of good stuff. The lady who teaches them is delightful. She is an older woman with hair all fluffy and white, but her vitality shines through.

This lady went out and yelled up to the bulldozer driver that he should not do that - it was getting into the school's driveway.

What do you think will happen next?

Probable US outcome #1: Never would have happened in the first place - all construction sites have meticulous plans for disposing of debris.

Probable US outcome #2: Bulldozer driver would have yelled back at old lady in some colorful language implying that it was none of her business and besides, she wasn't the boss of him.

Actual Costa Rica outcome: Bulldozer driver STOPS. Bulldozer driver brings bulldozer around into empty field to MOVE the pile of dirt further in and away from the school. Probably bulldozer driver apologizes.

I have recently seen some discussion of the machismo here, and it may all be true. However, they do listen to the little old Catholic teacher ladies!

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The B family said...

I love to hear your take on the CR life verses U.S. We are heading to CR in 5 days. We are thrilled and have learned so much from your blog.