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Monday, May 19, 2008

Costa Rica Spanish is a little different than high school

I may have mentioned that I took Spanish in high school. Three annoying years. Three years for which I am now so thankful. I never would have predicted I would need Spanish, I mean I lived three hours from Quebec, French would have been a more convenient choice, but I took Spanish.

But I have to tell you, some things are different here than in my "Churros y Chocolate" text book.

1) People here do not really say "Adios" - instead they say "Ciao" or "Hasta Luego"
2) People do not refer to others as "mi Amigo" (in fact I know a Filipino friend that says "Hola Mi Amigo" more than most Costa Ricans.
3) Instead, you refer to people as muchaco/a, or campesino/a - this is for a shop clerk/worker, or a co-worker.
4)Buenas is perfect for hello (more formal would be buenos dias, buenos tardes, buenos noches).
5)Gracias is said by saying the c, not like the soft s sound of "science". More like Gra C es.

That's it for now.... more as I figure it out.


Kate said...

Hi Jen,

I wish I took Spanish in high school instead of all those years of French!

One thing that I find odd here (I live in Esterillos Oeste, just South of Jaco) is that when people ride their bicycles past you and I say "buenas" or "hola", many say "adios". It seemed strange at first since I was saying hello, but it makes sense now since they're not stopping to talk (I guess).

Have a beautiful day!

Jones Family said...

Hey Jen,

"Hola!" is one we found out is never used here by adults only small children! Strange but we know better now.

Sunday sounds good but we need to check with our little party planner, Azure, first.

I'm having some difficulty with my email but why not send me something to see if I can reply.


Anonymous said...

you lived three hours from quebec?
Wow. Did you live with your family who lived three hours from Montreal or with some other family that was two or three hours closer to Quebec? Geography not big in Scientists?????

jen poco loco said...

Montreal - that's that city I couldn't remember. Okay Dad, we know it's you and you're NOT supposed to SLAM your daughter. At least not in public. We all know geography is not my strong point, but memory is even worse.

Bars laughed at this and said "after 8 years of marriage to you, I know that details are not your strong point - numbers, proper names, etc. Dad is just learning this?"

Now what were we talking about?


Uncle Josh said...

I'm taking Spanish 101 now (2 semesters of Spanish will be crammed into 12 weeks of Summer...FUN!).

The profesor is pretty awesome after 2 classes, he talks about differences in dialects (he is from southern Spain). To him, the c is pronounced with almost a lisp. More like Sylvester the Cat's Sufferin Succotash.