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Thursday, May 22, 2008

No Gringos

We recently took a trip to Manuel Antonio Park. It was a lovely trip and we had a great time. On the drive down, we saw this sign. The key thing to note is the anti-Gringo sentiment here. As you get to the coast, I believe that there is some of this thinking. I don't think that they mean the tourists, it's the Gringos that want to stay. I think. Still, we have never felt any direct anti-Gringo sentiment.

But it is out there.


Arp said...

Is that symbol one you've seen before? It looks more like the insignia of a clothing line than a social statement, kinda like the 'Mad Gringo' logo:

Anonymous said...

I shot some photos in the Mal Pias area with similar markings. There were posters plastered on many of the poles along the road between El Cruce and Cobano. I actually think it's a wild poster. May put it on a hoodie or shirt. In my experience locals sometimes get annoyed with the tourists and prefer the folks who have made some effort to stay. Ticos in the area may not want the ST/ MP area to get developed as much as many of the other coastal areas on the Pac.