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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The ragamuffins are mine - end of the day at Manuel Antonio Park

We moved to Costa Rica to live a life less ordinary (at least for a while) and a life less regulated (I am not talking about governments or politics here - I mean that little girl needs a shirt kind of stuff.) So here you have it. Our kids look like ragamuffins living in a shack. We've got a kid in a sling, a kid with no shirt and a boy who is actually cleaner in this photo than most days. But don't they look happy?

In actuality, we just finished a lunch at a hard-to-miss restaurant on the road from Quepos to Manuel Antonio Park. Perhaps you have seen it?

It is a restaurant stuck onto an old airplane. Supposedly this is the plan that crashed in Nicaragua and outing the entire Iran-Costa scandal. I am not sure if I believe that, but this restaurant is still a fun place.

They made the interior of the plan into a bar area.

But the real attraction is the view from the patio dining at the top.

Food was okay (I have not been blown away by any food in Costa Rica, call me a California Food Snob, but it is true) but it was a lovely time and a great end to our visit to the beach that day.


Karma Happens said...

You go girlfriend!

The Nubbinking here. I was putting away some things on my desk and found your Xmas letter. Thanks for sending it along to us.

Costa Rica.......... Hmmm, very cool. It sounds like you're all adapting pretty well, but I know you want to hit a Burger King every now and again. Am I right?

Our little adventure into the Great Northwest is going swimmingly. Chea is a snowshoer, cross country skier, bicycle riding, inline skating blurrrrr. We really enjoy all the different seasons that Spokane has to offer. I'm happily working away in my studio everyday. I continue to love the tile making process. Send me your email address and I'll send you a shutterfy link of my recent work.

BTW, I heard from Philly O. the other day that they let everyone on the Zinger line go and they are packing it up and sending it to Morocco! The end of an era......

Say Hi to Ibarra,


Anonymous said...

Happy kids, that's what it's all about. I have not been impressed by restaurant food here either, except for one or two places in Escaz├║. We love Sal and Pepe's, very local, pretty good pizza, nice people.

TGIF is pretty reliable for a gringo fix, but we haven't been there for months.

Available ingredients are hard to come by other than fruits and veggies. Refrigeration is an issue - it's expensive and electricity is spotty in some areas. Ticos don't use spices, even salt and pepper, like we do - there's never any on the table.

I can enjoy bland freshly prepared food. But sometimes you don't get that. There is a level of "this is not that important - it's just fuel for them and income for me" to the whole eating out process here. No sense of pride or accomplishment in what is being presented. Perhaps that's just lack of training... I can't put my finger on it, but we don't bother to eat out much unless traveling.

BTW, this is true of the gringo establishments as well IMO.