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Friday, July 25, 2008

Gym Addition and Revelation

I may have neglected to mention it, but we FINALLY joined a gym. We picked Arena Trak. We picked it for many reasons:

  • possible star siting of the ever-famous Saratica!

  • proximity to our house

  • value for cost (probably the most important factor)

It really has what we are looking for:

  • Cardio equipment (bikes, ellipiticals, treadmills, and other items of heart beating torture)

  • Weight lifting stuff

  • Classes in things like yoga, pilates, dancey stuff, and beat yourself up as hard as you can

  • Extra stuff (that costs a little extra) like power plate equipment and pilates machines. Stuff that I want to try and for a much smaller sum and commitment than in the US, I can. I'll tell you about it later.

My only disappointment is that we didn't join a year ago. If we had, I would be one year fitter. Or not. But anyway, it feels like we wasted that time. But from now on, we will do good. We will go regularly. Work hard, look better, feel better, and all that good stuff.

I may have mentioned before that my husband looks a little young. I may have mentioned that the guys that work as security guards and the like are referred to as "muchacho" (literal translation is boy). I may have mentioned that I am a little overweight and starting to look a little older.

When we work out at the gym and people want to switch machines with Barry, they refer to him as "muchacho".

I have been called "Senora" (Mrs.) and on occasion, "Dona" (lady of the house, usually reserved for older women)

I am a "Dona" married to a "muchacho."


Anonymous said...

Hola, Doña,
We love ArenaTrek, great gym. Last week, before we joined up the boys, I checked out World Gym because I'm a shopper. Gotta compare. They are double the price and have a huge pool, newer, etc. But I don't swim and other than that, they had nothing really I wanted for double the price. They have the exclusivity factor in spades, but, pura vida, who cares?

After about 5 months going 4-5 times a week, I've lost a little weight, but gotten tons stronger. The 7am Monday aerobics class is fun, Fernando who does the Pilates private lessons is excellent - I only did it once, but he is great. $30/session... too pricey for me until our income is up to snuff, but if I could afford it, I'd do a lesson with him at least once a week. That Pilates is powerful stuff. Haven't done the yoga class yet but I'm going to give that a try soon.

Hal said he saw Barry the other day. I'll look forward to running into the famous Jen Poco Loco soon!

Doña Saratica

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